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Ammie Huddleston

A.S., B.G.S. & RDH

Ammie McBride Huddleston

"Growing old gracefully is a work of heART."


Ammie McBride Huddleston, born in the cereal capital of the world, "Home to Tony-the-Tiger and Kellogg cereal"..... "They're GREAT"!  Battle Creek, Michigan is where her love for basketball, baseball, hot air balloons and the breath-taking Great Lakes was encouraged by her devoted Christian parents.

She has fond childhood memories of her three siblings on their Grandma McBride's farm and making snow tunnels for miles. Who knew at the time she would meet the man she was going to marry with deep ties to Michigan and Tennessee. 

"Paths roam, and paths entwine in HIS amazing time". -AMH 

Ammie’s family moved to Algood, TN when she was young, to be close to her Mom's family. Her Gramma Audie Endsley is contributed to making Ammie tender-hearted for all creatures, big and small. She found refuge in church pews, playing ball, in classrooms, and living the small town dream in Tennessee; where orange and white are checkered-boarded, from end-zone to end-zone. 

Ammie’s Freshman year of high school started a new chapter in Livingston, Tennessee. Go, Wildcats! "I have always loved small town living, the fellowship and staying connected to friends and family".

In the Mid 90's, college lead her away from the Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles to become a Buccaneer alumni at East Tennessee State University. Starting out in education and moving fields to the sciences was a 

life-changer. The Applied Health and Allied Science building became her new home. While her husband was studying his calling, Ammie finished her degree and started working in the Dental field. 

Charlie  and Ammie high-school sweethearts, were married on December 27, 1997. They started a family in 2003 , which became her passion in life. "I will never be sorry for the decision Charlie & I both made for me to be with with boys when they were little. Mild-stones that were captured,  memories made". Carter  (15) and Austin (13) are our "true" treasures, from my Heavenly Father.

 After over a decade they have come full-circle and are back in the Upper Cumberland area. 

Today, Ammie’s own struggles with weight and body image plus her desire to help people feel comfortable and confident has driven her in this new endeavor, with Shape & Co

Medical Health Spa & Galleria.